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Thank you for visiting my Doll site.

There are many other Barbie related sites on the internet. Here is a listing of some of my favorites:

The NRFB Queen Priscilla Wardlow, The NRFB Queen, sells vintage and new merchandise at reasonable prices.

MARL&B One of the best known Barbie dealers in the world and a partner in The Joe & Marl Shows, Marl Davidson carries an extensive inventory of new and vintage items. She also carries Gene!

Sandi Holder's Doll AtticSandi Holder is well-known to collectors. She sells vintage and new Barbie merchandise, plus Gene.

Dolls Japan David Hammon sells a wonderful selection of Japanese market dolls and clothing.

Lisa's Doll Cottage Lisa Mainetti specializes in accessories.

Cher's World I Recommend Them highly. They have great photo's and are a good source on Mego Cher, Friends, Fashions on dolls and their shoe's.

Barbie Bazaar I would recommend them. They have great photo's and great information on Barbie doll and Friend's and they to have great craft idea's. Phone: 414-658-1004 or Fax:414-658-0433. Subscription’s are only $21.95 a year.

"Zaundra's Dolls." She is a great lady and has a great site with almost ever doll that you could ever want.